Sunday, January 02, 2011

Tron Legacy

The Tron movie is not quite in the "life is too short" category, but nearly. 300 is still the unbeaten champion there.

Tron Legacy just takes itself too seriously. Judging by the audience in the cinema yesterday, it's aimed at 12-year-old boys and a few older geeks. Well, halfway through the movie, the kids were busy flicking through their iPod Touch (that's after I told them to "settle down, boys" when they were throwing empty cans around the place), and the adults (represented by yours truly) were getting very very sleepy.

It's a good storyline - the idea is great. But they are all far too serious about it. And the only love interest is an Ion, or something like that - a naturally-occurring program, and she's the last one on earth (or rather, in the computer). And they don't even kiss, not that I remember anyway.

A bit of humour is all that would have been needed to make Tron Legacy a decent movie, but as it is, I just can't buy Jeff Bridges as Obi One Kenobi!

PS: I have no idea where to turn the sound off on the Tron website. I've clicked the speaker icon in the bottom left corner on and off and on and off, but the music is still blaring! So, apologies if you entered the site at work, and your colleagues across the partition got a blast of Daft Punk.

PPS: there is plenty to click on in the website (some of it painfully slow, though), by the way. There are games to play, and under Activities, I've even found a template to make a 3-d light cycle. Cool or what. I'll let you know how I get on!

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