Saturday, January 15, 2011

Rain Rain Rain

We had to drive to Claremorris today, and it rained all the way, with a cold mad wind. Not pleasant. And all that rain on the roads (of Co. Roscommon  in particular) was very good at hiding the pot-holes, of which there were many. We had good motorway driving as far as Athlone, but after that, our road network is patchy at best. As Bertie would say "A lot done, A lot more to do!". I'm too tired to rant. And anyways, we got plenty of ranting on the airwaves on Radio One on the way down - a great way to make the journey shorter. And on the way home, we were kept going to the sounds of  Leonard Cohen's Songs from the Road, and Joseph O'Connor's The Drivetime Diaries. We made it home before dark. Just as well, looking at the rainfall radar picture!

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