Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Autumn colours

You know I love mixing my PB29 and PY184 (Ultramarine Blue and Vanadium Yellow to you and me) to produce the loveliest greens.

A mix I had experimented with while reading Blue and Yellow Don't Make Green, but that I hadn't tried out in an actual painting is Bright Red Violet (PB29 + lots of PV19) and Green Yellow (PY184). It's the mix I used for my trees in Trees in Yosemite, and it worked beautifully, from the rusty yellows to the deep oranges. I think I'm going to use it a lot more.

Another mix I re-discovered is PB29 + PY35 (Ultramarine + Orange Yellow). It makes a vibrant olive green - not dull at all - it's the bright green in the water in the bottom left corner of my Trees in Yosemite.

I must go back to that book and try out more mixes.

I love colours!

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