Sunday, July 04, 2010

Strawberries and Cream

We went to the Taste of Dublin festival with Padraig and Mary a few weeks back. While the evening wasn't that warm, it was dry and we had a good time. The restaurant tasters were good, though pricey for what you got (€4-6 for a few mouthfuls on a paper plate that you had to eat standing up, as the whole event was too crowded). There were free bits of food at various stalls (free Spanish melon was the nicest bit I remember - there is only so much smoked salmon or chocolate you can eat in one evening), but the free goody that I liked the best was a face cream and shower gel from a restaurant & spa somewhere in Kildare (can't remember the name of it -aah well).

We attended 3 cookery demonstrations - the best part of the show really, not that I paid much attention, but Brendan and Mary enjoyed it all. And I did remember one recipe - strawberries, meringue, cream and vanilla from a demonstration by Kevin Dundon of Dunbrody House hotel & cookery school. Kevin Dundon is currently advertising Philadelphia, so he included that magic ingredient in all his recipes, but I decided to drop it when I tried it at home for a BBQ with Padraig and Mary the following week. It was a complete success and we've been eating this wonderful dessert every weekend since (we've now replaced the strawberries by Irish raspberries, which are now in season). After today, that's it, I'm not making any more of it - too many calories, and I'm wondering why I'm developping a little tyre around my waist!

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