Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Darjeeling Limited

Been pretty busy this week, so in the evenings, all I wanted to do was put my feet up and watch a bit of telly. Brendan had taped The Darjeeling Limited, and I enjoyed watching it with him. Lovely little movie about 3 brothers' journey through India and through brotherhood, finding their mother, finding each other, and finding themselves. It's full of strange little moments (what is Bill Murray's role in the movie?), quirky dialog, slapstick situations (e.g. pet poisonous snake escapes on the train), and poignant scenes (when the 3 brothers try to save 3 little boys from drowning, and their subsequent stay in a remote village where no-one speaks English).

It's a bit mad, but full of love at the same time. A definite pick-me-up if you're feeling down.

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