Saturday, July 31, 2010

Château de Caraguilhes

You all know I don't drink really (unless you knew me 20 years ago - in which case, you knew me as straight-vodka, straight-whiskey and pints of guinness drinker - but I used to get so sick!).

So you wouldn't expect me to talk about wine.

This one - Château de Caraguilhes rosé - is an exception. Brendan has found it in O'Briens in the Beacon. He picked it because it was a Corbières wine, and we're particularly fond of these, as we've holidayed in the region 3 times (and we'll be going again, no doubt).

So we were delighted to find a wine from a vineyard that we can not only place on the map, but that we've actually driven by on several occasions.

It's a gorgeous rosé. And the fact that it's organic is just an added bonus. I know I'm biased, but there are not many wines I like, so this is high praise coming from me. We must drop by next time we're in the region.

Plenty more lovely pictures on their website, so have a look.

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