Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring at last

Here I am, blinded by the sun- yes, you heard me right, blinded by the sun, sitting in our back garden, trying to see my laptop screen. I wonder, would the iPad perform better in the sun?- the iPod Touch does fare better than a laptop screen after all (but I find the onscreen keyboard too painful).

We've had a long winter in Ireland this year - 2 weeks ago, there was snow falling, and the temperatures barely rose about 5 degrees during the day. The daffodils were 4 weeks late and none of the trees were budding. Well today is a different world altogether. We're sitting out (our garden furniture survived the winter well, with those green covers that are so ubiquitous in Irish gardens nowadays - I didn't think it would protect the wood so well against the rain, but it did). I've put factor 20 on my face and chest, and I'm hoping to get a bit of colour on my legs. The daffodils are in full bloom and there is a beautiful white cherry blossom around the corner. And it's hot.

And like every year, we are hoping for a good summer - but it's only 3 years since our last good summer, so I reckon we have a few more years to wait. It's just that the last 2 summers were so particularly bad, we feel we really deserve a good one this time.

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