Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mega Factories

Brendan taped an episode of Megafactories (on National Geographic Channel I think) for me - the Ikea mega-factories in Sweden and Poland, showing how the well-known Billy bookcase is made, from start to finish, and how the sofas are assembled, how the furniture is tested, etc.. Even how the forks are designed, and how a plastic model is made in a 3-D printer (Think the Replicator in Star Trek! Amazing what you'll find on Wikipedia!!). Really interesting stuff if you like to know how things are made. I enjoyed the one about the Winnebagos too! And the website gives the dates of the repeats. I've just noticed that there is one about how the New York Subway cars are built, showing 3 times tomorrow. I must ask Brendan to set the taping for that!

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