Sunday, April 11, 2010

Jean Byrne - White Dress

Speaking of the weather, Jean Byrne was wearing a simple white dress yesterday. Very flattering. Could have done with an accessory of some sort maybe. I know I know - most of the time, I give out that she over-accessorizes. It's tough finding the exact right balance. I struggle with that myself (but I'm not on the telly, so it really doesn't matter!). Lately, I've been looking for a nice long chunky necklace to wear over my Boden hippy dippy tunics (I have one in navy and one in pink), but everything I see is too dainty or too short. House of Fraser in Dundrum has some nice semi-precious stones - there is one I like in turquoise and red, but it wouldn't really go with anything, it's such an unusual colour combination.

PS- yes, it's still cold at night!

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