Saturday, February 06, 2010

Brothers & Sisters

After the disappointment of missing the end of Series 3 of Brothers & Sisters because we couldn't get 4oD anymore, I was delighted to see that the start of Series 4 was available when we were able to get back on a few weeks ago.

So, after a very busy week, and a long job this morning, it was great to be able to put my feet up and watch the first 2 episodes back to back, while Brendan did the weekly shopping on his own. I was treated to all the usual drama, beautiful interiors, and fascinating sibling stories and, of course, Rob Lowe's incredible fake tan (worse than Alex Reid!)

I had to show this picture of Alex Reid - it's so awful! And he was such a nice guy on Big Brother that he won it, basically winning over the public who had booed him when he went in. Very unfortunate he has a taste for fake tan.

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