Sunday, December 23, 2007

I'm not There

On Friday, Brendan and I went to the pictures to I'm not There, a movie about the enigma that is Bob Dylan. I'm not a Bob Dylan fan (I can't understand a word he sings, so there's not much point!), but Brendan is, so it was a special treat for him.

We both are glad we went to this movie - though I have to admit that for the first 10 minutes, I could not understand a single word that was being said by the actors, and I was thinking that it would be painful to watch a 2-hour movie like that! But it got better, and I actually enjoyed it, particularly the scenes with Charlotte Gainsbourg in the role of his estranged wife, and the scenes with Cate Blanchett playing Bob Dylan himself. Have a look at the clips if you're not convinced! Christian Bale was excellent too. Richard Gere was not quite as convincing - he's such a well-known face it's hard to forget he is Richard Gere.

A lot of this movie was lost on me, as I know nothing about Bob Dylan's life, except for the bits I read about when we went to an exhibition in the Morgan Library in New York. Thankfully, Brendan is a fan, and he enlightened me afterwards, and it made a lot more sense then. If you want more information about it, have a look at the Wikipedia entry (for which you'll have to do a search yourself - the link contains an apostrophe and blogger keeps on bringing me to an entry on hieroglyphs instead). Not a movie to watch with a fuzzy head, I'd say - you need your brains fully functional to get the most of this one!

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