Friday, December 28, 2007


Ikea have opened their first store on this island on 13 December, just outside Belfast, near the George Best (Belfast City) airport. I was thrilled with the news. I had a look online and there were plenty of goodies I wanted to look at. We tried to get there today, but we turned back, as the traffic was crazy. From the point where we turned, not far from Hollywood Exchange, I reckon there would have been another 90 minutes in the car (you couldn't even call it driving) before we would have got in. At that stage, we were both tired and we wouldn't have enjoyed the experience. God knows what the queues at the checkout would have been. I probably would have abandoned my loot anyway, and would have been very upset at that stage, so it was for the best!

We're both pretty tired now, and it will be a long time before we contemplate going back there! My sink tidy and sofa light will have to wait!

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