Friday, December 07, 2007

Holidays are coming, Holidays are coming...

There is a real Christmas feel about. Our neighbours have their Christmas tree up since last Sunday already, the Christmas lights were lit on Grafton Street 2 weeks ago I think, and Airfield have opened their live crib - with 2 ponies, 2 sheep and 2 gorgeous calves who stare up at you with big black eyes. All the ladies (including myself) at Tuesday's yoga class were oohing and aahing. The design of it is very nice, I have to say

I must take a stroll down there on Sunday to have a better look.

PS: despite appearances, it hasn't snowed yet - it's very rare for Dublin to get any snow before Christmas. This picture was taken from Airfield's website - I'm not sure when's the last time we had that much snow. I don't remember much snow since I've left IBM, actually. The last big snow I remember, I was still working there, and most staff couldn't make it to work. Many managed to work from home, and one of the engineers in my team, Tom, skidded on ice and had a small car crash - no broken bones, thankfully. It was one of these days when Dublin grinds to a halt, but thanks to modern communication technology, our work schedule wasn't too severely affected. As we were working on a project with a mad aggressive schedule (as they all were), any delay in getting staff online would have been a major headache! Those were the days of madness when my life was dictated by ridiculous project schedules (which probably had more to do with Executives' bonuses than market requirements!). I'm glad I'm not there any more!

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