Wednesday, February 14, 2007

New Hair Cut

This time, I went to the Toni and Guy Academy. It took nearly 3 hours, with the supervisor keeping a very close eye on the student's work. The student, Philip from the Czech Republic, seemed to be very capable. He always made sure he understood the supervisor's instructions before he took the scissors to my hair! I was charged 25 Euro, which surprised me a bit. When I had gone in the last time as a model for a trainee in one of their salons, it was free. But it was worth it (when I think that I was charged 63 Euro at my hairdresser in December, and I wasn't happy with the cut!). I'm happy with the look. It's a little bit more layered than I expected, and I'll have trouble getting it right when I blow-dry it, but I think it looks nice, and, at that price, I'll go again.

Just ignore the roots - I'll update the colour at the weekend! (For those of you who thought I was a natural red-head, just go through a few of the pictures from previous posts, and you'll notice the varying shades!

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