Monday, February 12, 2007

Next Step

The next step in my project, which has been moving at a swift pace over the last few days, was to trace the picture - I'm not proud + I've already done a freehand drawing of it, so I see nothing wrong with tracing!

To do this, I decided to use the Wacom tablet that PC Medic purchased last year, rather than using tracing paper. After a little bit of fiddling around to adjust the screen vs tablet settings, it was very easy to use. I spent a good bit of time on Friday and Saturday trying out all sorts of techniques with different types of paint brushes, oils, pastels, crayons, etc.... all available with the bundled software. As I love experimenting with new media, this was the perfect excuse for me to spend hours doodling without really thinking about the end result! I will show you some of the resulting pictures in future posts.

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