Thursday, March 16, 2006

Birthdays this month

A lot of birthdays to remember this month - Laura (the Belgian Laura, not the Irish one - funny that I have two nieces called Laura, and they've never met!) on the 10th, Yves on the 15th, Lisa on the 23rd I think, and Papilou on the 31st. And we just heard that Brian is 18 this month!

I haven't had much time to update my blog this week, so instead of writing too many words, here is a picture of batfish - we came across them on the corner of the reef in Baros, and they followed us the whole way back! (I had initially posted another impression of the sea at Baros, with my favourite watercolour pencils, but, even enhanced with Adobe Photoshop Elements, I thought the colours didn't come out right, so I changed my mind and posted this instead!)
According to the book we have, these guys are Tall-fin Batfish, also known as Longfin Batfish. They can grow to 60 cm, which is probably the size of the bigger ones in this picture. They came really close to us, as if to check us out, which is unusual for fish, in our experience (they normally ignore us, or try to hide). We came across them near the spot where the blue triggerfish hang out, where the current changes direction.
Other years, there were lots of Oriental Sweetlips there, but there were none in that spot this year. The fish on the left is an Oriental Sweetlip. They look like they should be easy to photograph, as they just tend to stay very still above or below coral overhangs, but if you try to get close to take a picture, they have a nasty habit of drifting away under the overhangs. By the way, all photos of fishes here were taken by Brendan, using our good old Sony Cybershot camera, with a Sony underwater casing.

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