Monday, July 31, 2017

The old and the new

Remember this photo from our Bloomsday sketchout? It was taken in front of a house on Hardwicke Street (just one street behind the Olivier Cornet Gallery)

Well, I was on Hardwicke street recently, meeting Jason Sheridan from the Hardwicke Street Community Garden, and he sent me this photo:

One of the things I love about urban sketching is that it brings you to parts of the city you would not visit in your day-to-day life. This is Dublin inner city, with its poverty, unemployment, social issues, its drug problems. Not a place I would normally go to. And yet, Hardwicke Street's residents made me feel very welcome indeed when I visited. And I got to know them a little better, chatting with old and young. All that because of a sketch from Bloomsday! I am a firm believer that sketching can bring people together. 

And I did find out about Margaret Sheridan, Margaret Maguire and Amanda Bowes. Sadly, all three were killed in 1980 when a joy-rider lost control of the car he was driving at speed on the street. Margaret Sheridan was Jason's grand-mother, Amanda was his 8-year-old cousin, and Margaret Maguire was a friend of Mrs Sheridan. 

May they rest in peace.

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