Tuesday, July 25, 2017


I keep going round and round, jumping from one subject to the next. So I'm back with drawing people, for a short while anyway. Since I haven't had the time (or picked up the courage) to go to a life drawing session, I turned to Sktchy again. This time, I tried to draw the minimum amount of features to define the form. It worked well for two of the three, so I uploaded them. And got great feedback (9 people wowed the girl in shorts, and 4 the young man in profile, including the subjects themselves)
Sktchy is an interesting concept, isn't it? You can get your portrait painted without having to commission or pay any artist! Having a portrait of yourself is no longer the exclusive privilege of the rich and famous - I kind of like that! But also, artists can practise their craft without having to pay a model, or even leaving the comfort of their own home! Now all I need to do is practise. Or maybe I'll move on to something else? Clouds maybe?

This one didn't work out so good. I will make another attempt and will only upload it when I'm happy.

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