Monday, July 24, 2017

A watercolour a day

I set myself a goal of painting a watercolour a day for the summer. I'm currently failing miserably.

I am working from Veronica Lawlor's book, One Watercolor a Day, a good tool for trying out different techniques without pressure.

This is how far I got since around the 25th of June!

Tackling roses, a subject I find particularly difficult

Painting only in red, with juicy wet-in-wet washes around a dry shape

Monochrome painting

Analogous colours

Not sure what kind of colours this is. It was supposed to be split complementaries, but I got confused somewhere along the way

This is what happens when you try to use old masking fluid - the lesson? If the bottle has been opened more than a couple of months, throw it out. I think I will stay away from masking fluid for now, despite the flexibility it offers

Another attempt at a rose,with masking fluid this time. Not very exciting.

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