Thursday, July 13, 2017

Sketches and paintings from the holidays

A month has gone by, and I've been so busy that I never got around to sharing holiday pics, paintings or sketches.

Photos will have to wait a while yet - too many to review in the time available!

I did sketch and/or paint more or less every day, but I'm afraid it's quantity over quality. Still, I'm happy I fitted in that much, despite the weather and the distractions (good distractions, might I add).

A lot of clouds over the hills, so I tried to work quite wet to get that sense of softness. I hope it shows!

The paintings below are all views from the house we rented in Dunquin - I did not include the endless stream of bungalows and houses that blight the landscape, but rather, I painted what I saw - the sky, the sea, the mountains! And most of all, I edited out Kruger's pub, the ugliest yellow rambling building I've ever seen! (and service with no smile, to make things worse!)

My favourite of the week - captured the softness, the greens, and a beautiful house. Just like I wanted.

Slea Head is just behind that hill
That day, it was raining. A lot. But the painting would have worked better is I had kept the house brighter (and not botched my electricity poles!)

Great Blasket Island. As seen from the house.

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