Monday, June 26, 2017

The fruit market

Another theme, another style. This time, I painted this riot of colour first, then added the lines that describe them as peppers (it's obvious to me, maybe not to everyone!). I really enjoyed watching the colours bleed and mix. I was sitting in a little corner near the Luas line, by a wholesaler. And what struck me were all the colours, but also the murals and graffiti. A good opportunity to practise my hand-writing skills. More work to do on that front, clearly!

"I might go over to the markets to see all the vegetables and cabbages and tomatoes and carrots and all kinds of splendid fruits all coming in lovely and fresh who knows whod be the 1st man Id meet theyre out looking for it in the morning Mamy Dillon used to say they are and the night too that was her massgoing Id love a big juicy pear now to melt in your mouth like when I used to be in the longing way then Ill throw him up his eggs and tea in the moustachecup she gave him to make his mouth bigger I suppose hed like my nice cream too    Ill put on my best shift and drawers let him have a good eyeful out of that to make his micky stand for him"

The paragraph above is Molly's monologue, a whole chapter with only two or three full stops I believe. It's worth reading aloud, actually, but not in the presence of children! No wonder the book was banned in Ireland for so long!!

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