Friday, June 30, 2017

Malahide Castle and Gardens

A great time watercolour-sketching in Malahide Castle and Gardens. I just brought a sketchbook with me (well, two actually), but no watercolour block. I just wanted to have fun, no pressure. And it certainly worked. I really enjoyed myself, churning them out! I picked spots that didn't seem to interest too many people. Maybe I'm attracted to the dark?

Definitely a spot I'd go back to! Funny that in my mind, I think I only ever want to paint the sky and the sea, but any time I try, it lacks something. Skill, for sure. Practise too.

The three long ones are Moleskine watercolour sketchbooks. They are the small format (15x20cm approx, closed, that's 15x40cm if you use the full spread), very transportable.  And I really like the restricted framework it gives me to work with. Used vertically, it makes for interesting compositions, although it's a little unwieldy.
PS: make sure to use bulldog clips to stop your pages from flapping in the wind!

It was cold to start with. I ended up wearing my wooly hat and gloves. Not a great look. Did I care? Not one bit!

PS: I'm done with my Ulysses sketchbook for another year, but the exhibition is continuing at the Olivier Cornet Gallery until 2nd July. Don't miss it!

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