Saturday, June 24, 2017

Blessington Street Basin

After a vegetarian breakfast (I do like liver and kidneys, but not for breakfast, thank you very much), I set off to the Blessington Street Basin area.

Well, it was past lunchtime at that point, and the showers didn't seem so ominous. So I thought the park would be nice. I had never been to it. It was quite deserted on that Sunday afternoon, despite a neighbourhood street party in the adjacent road. Only a few couples walking around the pond, looking at this strange lady in a long skirt and jacket, with her bags and watercolour paints. But such a lovely park. Well worth a visit.

"The gulls swooped silently, two, then all from their heights, pouncing on prey. Gone. Every morsel."

A lot of seagulls in Ulysses, all ready to pounce and bombard. Nothing has changed!

The exhibition "There is a Touch of the Artist about Old Bloom" continues at the Olivier Cornet Gallery. By popular demand, it's been extended until the 2nd of July. Plenty of affordable art by wonderfully-talented professionals who sketched their way around Dublin for 4 days before Bloomsday.

PS: Notice how every one of my sketches for this project looks visually different. It was quite instinctual. Was I trying to imitate James Joyce, who used a different style of writing for every chapter? This sketch is much looser, more wet-into-wet, than the previous one.  Or maybe, I just like to try out different techniques all the time?


  1. Anonymous3:00 pm

    interesting post, can I follow your blog? (I don't see a follow button)

    1. Hi Eoin, thanks for your comment. If you click on MHBD's Blog at the top (in green), you will see the most recent posts and at the very bottom of these, there is a subscribe link [Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)]. I am not 100% sure it works, though. Let me know how you get on. Thanks. MHBD

    2. Hi again Eoin, I've just added a "Follow by email" gadget to the blog. you will now see it at the top right of the blog. It's powered by FeedBurner, so should be pretty reliable. MHBD