Saturday, October 01, 2016

Summer Project 2 - thumbnails

OK, I didn't get very far with my Summer painting projects. We're now officially in Autumn (BB has put away his shorts), and I never got beyond this thumbnail. But it's not a bad thumbnail. If only I got started on a painting rather than sketching and doodling. I have allocated three timeslots on my calendar: one for drawing, one for studying Japanese and one for painting. I'm doing quite well on the first two, but the last one is still at the mental block stage.

Or maybe I shouldn't be so hard on myself? I have painted tea pots and mugs and barns after all. But you see, in my mind, these are not real paintings. They are practise exercises to develop my observation skills and eye-to-hand coordination. And they will make me a better painter in the long run. 

Or maybe I need to move my painting timeslot to a different day, or maybe just get up earlier? And paint before I go downstairs to look after our dog? Mmmm. I'll still have to go downstairs to let the cat out, or I'll get no peace. Or maybe I should stay up later? But I hate working in artificial light. What a whiner I have become! I should just be happy I have a roof over my head, and food in my tummy. Mmmm, I wonder what's for dinner?

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