Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Poppies into begonias?

I wanted to try something a bit different with my poppies, so I took a sheet of cheap watercolour paper and the biggest brush I have in my bag. It ended in a very watery mess. The paper buckled. The paint gathered in the middle. It took a long time to dry. But as always, watercolours dry lighter, a good bit lighter. So it gave me a good background to work from.

Somewhere along the way, these poppies lost their poppiness, I think. In my eye, they look more like begonias now. But that's ok. It was just an experiment. But I do like the brighter red. And the splatter. So there will definitely be a third version on the cards, in a larger format this time. (The original and this one are about A4 in size).

Here is how it looked when wet 
Here is how it looked after drying, not quite as juicy, but an interesting foundation
And here is how it will probably end up - Solomon's judgement - that's it, I've found the title for this painting!

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