Thursday, October 06, 2016

Foundations Lesson 4 Constructing Volumes

It's a couple of weeks since I got a chance to work further on my assignments for this online course.
We're now getting into the more technical stuff, and that's slightly intimidating - maybe that's another reason for my procrastination!

The whole idea is to draw with a light touch (or a light watercolour pencil if, like me, you're incapable of a light touch) but confidently, looking at every line and every angle carefully and drawing what you see. And then to draw what you actually can't see: the whole volume of the books at the bottom of the pile - this technique helps you to figure out where your angles and proportions are wrong. Once you're happy with everything, and only then, you draw the viewable lines in pen. And that's where I went off the script a bit - some of my books are too small, but I didn't realise that until the whole thing was finished. Too late to fix it. But unless you know the books, it won't really matter. Or so I keep telling myself

PS: and in case you're wondering what the little green and turquoise round boxes are, they are pan-pastels! 

watercolour pencil drawing

with final lines restated in ink
Next assignment is to draw a chair in a public place. Scary stuff!! How long can I put it off??

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