Thursday, November 06, 2014

The Documented Life Project - Week 38

Week 38 challenge was to draw a feather

Well, what a great opportunity to use my little feather stamp that I carved myself. So that was my first starting point.

My second starting point was another birthday card I got - much better than letting all these lovely cards linger in a drawer, unseen and unloved. Feather, Bird. Birds of a Feather.

I'm really starting to incorporate a lot of the techniques and ideas I've been playing with in these last 38 weeks of the Documented Life Project - Gelli-printed background, hand-carved stamp, white pen, punched circles, doodles.

And I love the colours on these pages. They are really happy. I would never have used bright colours like this before but I was channelling my inner Rae Missigman! I hope you like them too.

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