Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Birch trees

Am I moving on from my water obsession? Or just returning to my tree obsession?
And why do I keep working in watercolours when I feel that acrylics would be a much easier option?

Inspired by more art videos, I decided to paint a stand of three birch trees in Marlay Park. We took that photo years ago. I loved the colours. I wanted to try out masking and pouring. That part of it worked out all right. It's how I complete the painting that's got me stuck!

Birch tree leaves are so delicate.

I found a nice painting that looks good - but it's an acrylic. How do I achieve something semi-abstract  like that in watercolours? All the instructions I'm finding are showing how to paint bare birch trees. There's probably a good reason for that!

Here is where I got to so far:

First pour - still wet. The trunks are masked with Pebeo masking fluid.

My three colours: Winsor Red, Winsor Yellow, Ultramarine blue

First pour after it's dried

After my second pour. I flung more masking fluid onto the page before the second pour. I love the colours at this stage. And I'm completely stuck. I have no idea how to proceed. All I need is to add some leaf shapes in the upper part of the painting, but I really don't know how to do that without losing my beautiful colours!

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