Sunday, November 16, 2014

Documented Life Project - Week 40 - work in progress

It's official, I will not be able to catch up on the DLP challenges before the end of the year. But never fear, the ladies of Art to the 5th will be presenting us with brand new challenges for 2015, so I can continue to lag behind!

Here is my take on the Week 40 Challenge - paint with three colours you don't normally use.

I went to an art opening on Sunday, at the Olivier Cornet Gallery, and I was wowed by Michelle Byrne's sculptures.

So I picked up my Schmincke masking fluid and I drew a little map of my own, heavily inspired by one of the ceramic pieces I saw at the exhibition.

I had initially set aside three browns as my three unloved colours - burnt umber, burnt sienna and raw sienna. But when it came to it, I used leftover watercolours - a mix of orangey-brown, and a bright green mix. You know me, I hate throwing away paint, so I collect leftovers in little ceramic bowls. They are great for trying new ideas or techniques out. I'll admit I love the bright green, so I'm cheating a bit. But I couldn't bear to use three browns!  But the orangey-brown was so unloved that it had a thick layer of dust over it, which I had to remove before adding water!

I found a lovely green page in my sketchbook - remnants of a gelli print. I will find it hard to cover these with anything, so I might use the flap for my journaling.

I cut this square from the invite to the exhibition. The actual ceramic is round.

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