Saturday, September 15, 2012

Pumpkin soup

Well, I did make my pumpkin soup yesterday! I chose a recipe from Aine McAteer, of course, a coconut pumpkin bisque. I think I had made that soup before, but with the really big pumpkins, the Halloween ones, and let me tell you, there is no comparison. This little pumpkin tasted good. It smelled of melon when I diced it, and it was so sweet.

And I also finished my little watercolour, mixing more of the same colours for the background. I went for a lighter tone over black oil pastel lines in the front (a table, a tablecloth maybe?), and a darker mix for the back, which I lifted in places with tissue paper.

And I've been advised to show you a photo of the pumpkin too, in case you thought the blemishes on the right were an unfortunate painting accident! I didn't paint from this photo - I painted from life for a change, and it was at a slightly different angle, more from above.

And while I'm at it, here is a view of my two Ikea pin boards with my recent and future projects.

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