Saturday, September 22, 2012

Dublin Culture Night

Last night was the first time we attended Dublin Culture Night!
Great buzz all around town - so much to do.

Went to Evensong at Saint Patrick's Cathedral (I recommend it!), then on to a quick peep at Christchurch.

Onto Temple Bar, where there was a lot happening - A man with a guitar and an invisible man playing the drums on a street corner. Listened to a choir at the Meeting House Square, where we also had a look at the National Photographic Archive, with interesting pictures from Northern Ireland in the early eighties by Sean Hillen - loved the photo of a black British soldier taking a break from the riots, leaning against his armoured vehicle and closing his eyes for a moment.

Went to the Olivier Cornet Gallery for a taste of avant-garde electronic music by Rachel Ni Chuinn (and Rachel was wearing colours to match John Fitzsimons' paintings, currently on show at the gallery!).

(Would have liked to go to Eric McGrath at the Oxfambooks shop on Parliament Street but RTE were recording and we would have had to stay for half an hour and it was clashing with something else, so we had to make a choice)

Then onto Trinity College for the Science Gallery - perfect night to walk through the grounds of Trinity, lovely clear sky. Big queue for the Long Room, so we skipped that. There was an even longer queue for the Wax museum. Couldn't believe that people would queue for so long for that! I've never been, so I can't judge! But that won't stop me from having an opinion!

Every restaurant in town was packed, so we got the Luas to Dundrum and wrapped up the evening with chicken kare lomen and chicken katsu at Wagamama's

Phew! An exciting night. I normally stay at home and watch a video, so this was quite a change from my normal routine. Must mark the night into my calendar for next year!

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