Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Modern Family

Again, we're way behind the curve. We've just started watching Modern Family! The story of three branches of a family:

  • Yummy Mummy and husband and their 3 young-to-mid teenage children
  • Gay couple and their adopted Vietnamese baby daughter
  • Older man and his young sexy Colombian wife and her son from a previous relationship

The setting is a big Desperate Housewives-ish - they're all quite wealthy, have lovely big houses and nobody is worried about their job or feeding the children. But it's the funniest thing I've watched on TV in a long time. It's filmed in a strange mix of fly-on-the-wall and candid interviews. Like one of these reality tv programs that follow the real lives of a family - I've watched some of these on Channel 4, nothing as idyllic as this big happy family.

Each episode is short, less than half an hour, so it's perfect for our lunchtime viewing!

PS: I think the picture above is from this year's Emmys - some of the children have grown quite a bit!

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