Saturday, March 24, 2012

Don't Eat the Earthlings

Don't Eat the Earthlings is the follow-on from Eileen Gormley's book Don't Feed the Fairies. Cytolene comes back to earth as an ambassador, with 3 fiancés in tow. The Earthlings are not as friendly as she had expected, and having to go for days without feeding on them is not easy!

I read it on my Kindle (Christmas present!) while I was in Belgium last weekend.

Another great read! Plenty of lively characters, a few new ones introduced along the way, with opportunities for a few sequels. Eileen Gormley doesn't write heavy science fiction. No, her stories are funny and full of engaging humans and aliens, and plenty of twists and turns. And I felt she wrapped up this one more elegantly than her previous book. As is the fashion nowadays, there is a teaser for her next novel at the end of the book (I didn't read it. I'll have forgotten about it by the time I get to download the next book from the Amazon Kindle store). I'd say there is lots more to come from this prolific and entertaining author. I can't wait!

And for all of you out there who dream of getting a book published, here are a few wise words from Ms Gormley herself!

And wise words from Judge Judy as recorded by Ms Gormley - priceless!

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