Thursday, November 17, 2011

Don't Feed the Fairies

Don't Feed the Fairies, was recommended to me by one of our customers, who told me that this book was Eileen Gormley's first work of fiction.

I don't normally read fantasy/science fiction (though I watch a lot of it), but Don't Feed the Fairies grabbed me  straight away. Great start to the story, good characters and a roller-coaster of a ride. Don't expect something too serious. This is simple light good fun.

It's the story of an alien woman who finds herself stranded on earth after her plans to farm humans don't work out. You see, these aliens are not exactly vampires, but they suck the energy out of animals on their planet, and they have found that humans are very tasty. She meets a few humans on the way, and rescues a baby alien, who looks just like a cute little fairy.

The only thing that disappointed me in the book is that it ended too abruptly. All of a sudden, it was all wrapped up, a bit too swiftly for my taste. But I guess the author is planning plenty more stories around Cytolene and her motley crew, and I can imagine it quite well making the transition to the big or small screen.

And it's great value too. You can buy the Kindle edition for $3.51 on (For some strange reason, Irish customers still can't buy Kindle books from the site? I don't get that.)

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  1. Thank you so much.

    Yes, I agree about the ending, but when I tried to extend it, it turned into the Outer Space version of "Is my passport up to date?"

    And you're right, there will be another Cytolene book out soon, when she comes back to Earth, develops an eating disorder, and finds that there are other aliens out there...