Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Gotterdammerung - Deborah Voigt

I did promise I would tell you more about the singers in the Met HD's Gotterdammerung. I didn't forget! I just got sidetracked.

Deborah Voigt - the perfect Brunnhilde. Well, the only Brunnhilde I know, since this was my first Ring! But what an introduction - beautiful singing and acting. Though it has to be said that the acting range in Gotterdammerung isn't too broad for Brunnhilde: she's very much in love at the start of the opera, very very cross in the middle, and very very sad but resolved at the end. But Voigt does it with great subtlety.

And she's also a very credible-looking Brunnhilde, young and beautiful. She wasn't always so, I'm afraid. Not so long ago, she was a very very fat opera singer. So fat apparently that Convent Garden rejected her for one of their productions, as it was deemed that she wouldn't fit into the little black dress that apparently was so central to the story of Ariadne auf Naxos! Amazing what gastric banding can do!!

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