Sunday, March 25, 2012

L'Ultime Atome

Ingrid had recommended a few restaurants in Brussels. One of them was Yamato, a Japanese noodle bar near the Chaussée d'Ixelles. When we got there at lunchtime, we found that it only opens in the evenings. But there were a good few options around the Eglise Saint Boniface. After briefly considering a Korean restaurant (BB was tempted, I was reluctant), we settled on L'Ultime Atome, a big bistro/café type restaurant that serves a wide range of Belgian favourites, alongside a very extensive menu of Belgian beers.

We were not disappointed. I had the gambas (though the salad is oriental only by name and by the addition of  a few limes) and BB opted for the jamboneau with mustard sauce, with meat falling off the bone. BB tried a Kriek Mort Subite, a well-known cherry-flavoured beer. I think he liked it. A generous portion of mousse au chocolat rounded off an excellent lunch.

There was a nice buzz around the place and service was good. I would probably become a regular if I lived in the neighbourhood. Unfortunately, I don't!

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