Saturday, January 28, 2012


Apparently the Obamas are watching it and the Clintons are watching it. Well, a whole lot of people are watching Homeland, the new series that's started on Irish television a couple of weeks ago.

It's about a CIA agent, who has some un-named psychiatric issues by the way, who believes that an American soldier who has just been rescued in an operation in Afghanistan after disappearing 8 years earlier and being presumed dead (including by his wife, who started having sex with his best friend, who is now his superior in the Army) has been turned and is now a terrorist.

Yes, all that was packed in the first episode, and it was a bit much for me. I prefer a slow-burner. But we watched the second episode, and it does build on this premise without going too fast. And the actor who plays the soldier guy was the main character in Band of Brothers, and he is good. I'll keep on watching.

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