Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Harajuku, Yoyogi Park

The whole area around Harajuku and Yoyogi Park comes to life at weekends. Yoyogi park is teeming with families, dog lovers who meet up with same-breed dog owners, musicians, rockabilly dancers, cosplay girls and of course Lolita girls! Only in Japan. Nowhere else in the world have I encountered such passion for dressing up amongst young girls. The Lolita girls go for a cute, demure, look, but somehow, I found it quite provocative. Not their intention, I'm sure, but I found it somewhat disturbing for girls who appear to be no older than 14 or 15, in some cases accompanied by their mothers. We encountered one group of cosplay girls dressed in what appeared to me as fantasy manga characters. That look was much more fun, and at least these girls had attitude! Or maybe they were just in character!

Apparently, there is huge variety in the Lolita styles. Here are a few we came across that day:

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