Sunday, June 13, 2010

Flower Pot

I did a good bit of painting and drawing while on holidays. Some better than others. And I haven't touched a pencil since we got back, which is a real shame. I'll get back into it as soon as I'm settled. We're back since last Monday evening, but it's been all go since then - I still have laundry hanging around everywhere upstairs. I'll feel more ready for art once all that laundry is neatly tucked away in wardrobes. I know that's not the attitude. Actually, it sounds like a typical excuse for not doing anything "I've got all this laundry to do!". But, hey, that's how I am. I need my little to-do lists ticked off, one item at a time. The day I have nothing left on the to-do list will be the day I die!

So, here is one of the watercolours I did while away, in my little Arches Travel Book, a Christmas present from Brendan. At the start of the holiday, I felt quite intimidated by that little spiral book - that my efforts would not be good enough for such lovely watercolour paper. But once I ran out of books, I really got into it, and I covered 11 of its 15 pages!

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