Saturday, May 01, 2010


There was a mention of the problem of litter down the country on Countrywide this morning.. Well, it's not just in the countryside that we have a problem.

We were sitting in the car on Pembroke Street this morning, just around the corner from Baggot Street, not far from FXBs. We were just waiting for the downpour to stop (it's just about stopped now, 2 hours later!), listening to the radio and playing games on my iPod Touch.

Then this big silver taxi came round the corner, and the driver threw out a paper coffee cup out the window - with coffee still in it! Lucky nobody was on the footpath nearby.
Could he not keep the coffee cup in a holder (I'm sure taxis have got cup holders, like most other cars?) until he pulled up beside a bin? It's ignorant people like him that make my blood boil! And there seems to be a lot of them around!

PS: also on Countrywide this morning, there was an interview with Mary Walsh, who produces the free range chicken that Bistro One use in their cooking!

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