Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Did I tell you that we've finished the last DVD of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer set (7 DVDs for 7 seasons). It was lovely - full of fun, pathos, wit, silliness, deep thoughts - the perfect geek mix for me. And action, how could I forget action and kung fu scenes. And Love too - Buffy and Angel (a vampire), Spike and Drusilla, Buffy and Agent Reily Finn, Willow and Tara (a witch, but Willow is a witch too, so that's OK), Willow and Oz (who is a werewolf), Sander and Anya (who used to be a vengeance demon), and Buffy and Spike of course - he's a vampire too of course. And great story lines, from start to finish!

Next time, I think I might watch the episodes with commentary - just for a bit of variety. "Next time?", I hear you say, "How can you watch a TV series more than once?" I'm a geek, that's all. And the writing is so good that I'm sure I'll enjoy it again (in a few years time - I'm not that sad!).

So, we're back to The Wire now - Season 3 - Avon Barksdale is out of jail, and things look like they might go pear-shaped for Stringer, who wanted to turn the drug empire into a proper business! But Avon doesn't want to be no Donald Trump! And, thanks to Nesta's advice, we're watching it with the subtitles turned on. Otherwise, no hope of understanding a word of what these guys are saying! If you thought a Belfast accent was hard to understand, try Western Baltimore!

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