Saturday, May 01, 2010

Jean Byrne - Yellow Dress

Not everybody can carry yellow, and even fewer can wear all yellow. But Jean can! Beautifully cut yellow dress, with simple black jewelery to compliment it. I like it!

1 comment:

  1. Jean carries the yellow with unusual strength. It is rare to see a white woman achieve this; yellow and orange are more commonly agreeable on dark-skinned women. Jean creates a very striking first impression but, alas, it is all downhill from there. Her quirky rhythms and awkward intonations sound unaware and hickish. She confirms this impression with her very gawky posture, bending too much at the waist, forward and sideways, while carrying her shoulders badly in a rounded stoop. Is she tall? She should not have worn her beads over her breasts like that; it was a bad style mistake. She ought to have tied the necklace in a knot below her neck and let the beads hang in a single line through her cleavage. Much more stylish. Her idiosyncratic choice of shoulder-and-short-sleeve design recalls Imelda Marcos's even more bizarre "wings" shoulder style, which was her signature look. Oh dear. Jean's agreeable endowments and figure are offset by eyes that are too close together, as well as the other matters. She could easily correct most of her errors by looking at herself on recordings or by recruiting a savvy adviser to take charge and to make some no-nonsense corrections. Jean could easily promote herself into the serious hottie league if she had the ambition. The basic infrastructure is there which is why she has excited public interest: people recognise that the fundamentals are very sound, with genuine potential for beguiling development. When the wind is blowing in the right direction, she looks almost alluring.