Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Willow under cover

Mary, Padraig, ... do not read any further. You will not like what you see!

Willow sleeps in the front bedroom, on the bed - during the day, he finds shelter in an Ikea laundry basket turned on its side - it's dark, it's cosy, nothing can attack from behind. At night, he favours a white teeshirt that I've strategically placed against a pillow towards the top of the bed.

But that's our guest bedroom. On the rare occasions when we have visitors, Willow has to find somewhere else to sleep (there are many soft chairs, sofas and beds for him to choose from).

However, he feels he's been evicted from his room and he's not one bit pleased. My parents close the bedroom door when they go to bed, so they don't get trampled upon in the middle of the night. But during the day, there's nobody there to guard access. Last Monday or Tuesday, I saw Willow strolling into the room. Then I saw his tail disappear under the quilt at the end of the bed, just beside the pillow my mother uses to elevate her legs. A warm spot - he stayed there for hours, and didn't even leave when my Mum went in for a nap in the afternoon. Cute or what!? (or horrifying, depending on your attitude towards cats!)

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