Sunday, December 13, 2009

New Sound

This is my second preparatory painting - acrylic on board (about 21cm square). The photograph doesn't do it justice (I find it very hard to take pictures of acrylics, as the light bounces off them more than from watercolours). The black background has made a huge impact - even the yellows work better.

The big question now is what size to go for - from what I've read on the web, the original is only 37 cm square. I thought it would be much bigger. I'm thinking of 60 cm square (it would fit on the pillar in the extension), but I'm not sure if the colours will hit off each other if the squares are too big. They currently are 1.5 cm each. I would have to make them about 5 cm each (roughly the same size as the squares on my Christmas cards). I don't know if the eye will process them in the same way. Right now, when I look at my mock-up, I see it as one unit, and the colours bounce off each other. Will 5cm squares sing the same song? Well, we won't know until we try, shall we?

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