Saturday, March 14, 2009


Susanne and I went to the Abbey Theatre last night, to see Marble, a play by Marina Carr: 2 couples, 1 dream of passion and marble shared across the lines, cosy middle-class lives put into question, a break for freedom and for a meaningful life. It follows the classical principles of Irish plays: a happy first half, with plenty of humour, light-hearted relationships, and a dark second half, where it all crumbles and falls apart. The end was too abrupt - that's the only thing I didn't like about the play. The dialogs were on the clever side, but that's theatre for you. I'm more used to the realistic lines of TV series and movies. The play certainly took me in, and I felt for the women (more so than the men, who didn't feel as real), those well-to-do Irish women, intelligent and bored, stuck at home raising children, with nothing to give their lives meaning.

Here is a link to a review that will tell you a bit more about it.

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