Thursday, November 13, 2008

China Sichuan

Tempus Fugit and all the rest - Hard to keep up with things.

Anyways, we went to the China Sichuan restaurant last night. It's nearly 2 months since we last went, so I thought it would be nice to see how they were settling in to their new premises. Very well apparently. They got a very good review from Tom Doorley last weekend, and were ranked in the Top 10 restaurants in Dublin in an article in the Sunday Independent.

Our going there was very much a spur of the moment. I rang at 6, and we managed to get a table for 6:30. It being Wednesday night, I wasn't expecting much trouble getting a table, but, according to the Maître d', the phones have been hopping since the favourable review, and the 1st dining room filled up quickly. Not bad for a Wednesday evening in Recession Ireland.

Brendan stuck to some of his favourite dishes, while I explored the specials - The prawn and ginger dumplings were sweet and light, and had a perfect consistency. A pity there was only 3. I would have eaten a dozen of them, they were so good! For my main course, I had the cod with corriander - perfectly cooked, with lovely flavours, and a bit of a kick to it, which I hadn't expected. We stayed away from desserts - I need to lose a bit of weight around the waist, and I'm not very successful at restraining my food intake!!

As always, there was a good buzz around the place. Must take my parents there over Christmas.

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