Sunday, August 10, 2008

E-Day + 82 - No More Leaks!

The rain yesterday was torrential - there were flashfloods in a number of locations around the country, with thousands of people stuck on the M50 and other roads cut by the flooding. This was the perfect test for our roof, that Kevin and Stan had just worked on that morning, after we had discovered a leak at the bottom of the Velux window. Brendan had texted Kevin when we found the leak, but we were not expecting him to come and fix it until Monday. But that's the way Kevin is - he just does not want to let his customers down, and he is always ready to jump in the van and come to the rescue, with Stan in tow of course!

Well, after the rain we had yesterday, the roof has passed the test, that's for sure, and we're not going to let anybody back on that roof to do anything more to it!

Mark finished the painting work in our downstairs rooms yesterday. He did a test of the 2 paints for Brendan to see, and they are almost identical, one slightly darker than the other, but definitely not creamier or yellower. It's a highly reflective paint, and it's picking up the colour from the wooden floor a bit, hence the warmer effect. I'm very happy with it. It's lovely and bright this morning and the light is reflecting everywhere.

And Kevin the tiler is here grouting the en-suite floor. This picture shows the devi mat laid under the tiling.

The house is still in complete up-heaval. After our serene last weekend, it's been a hectic week. We've had non-stop tradesmen in the last 48 hours: Mark in at 7 am on Friday, and Kevin the tiler out at 9:30pm. Mark in at 7:30 am on Saturday, and Kevin out at about 4:30 on Saturday. And Kevin the tiler in again this morning since 10:30. And it all starts again tomorrow morning. Except now the end is in sight: Stephen the carpenter will be in on Monday to finish the decking and put up the internal doors and skirtings. Then Stephen the electrician and Ray the plumber in on Tuesday to finish the bathroom and the electrics, and hopefully the radiators. After that, it should only be tidying up, so we're hopeful that by Friday, we'll have our house done! (Well, there are still a couple of panels to be delivered by Craftstone for the kitchen, and the bin drawer to be supplied)

It will all be in time for my sofa delivery from Ikea, due on the 19th.

And we'll have the upstairs and outside to be painted, but that won't be until late September at the earliest I'd say. And our new table and chairs to be delivered, in about 8 weeks. We finally found what we were looking for yesterday, in Montana, just around the corner in Sandyford Industrial Estate. It was in the sale, so we've saved a bit of money too.

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