Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Things you don't see at home every day

Half-Price Sushi

We ate a lot of Japanese food in Australia, mostly sashimi and sushi and bento boxes. There was just such a wonderful choice in Sydney and Perth. In Perth, we stayed in the Holiday Inn on Hay Street. There was a fast food type sushi bar across the road, where we had lunch the first day we arrived. One evening, as we were sitting at the terrace outside the hotel, we noticed that the sushi bar had a table on the street with lots sushi boxes on it, and people were stopping by on their way home and buying sushi there. There was a constant stream of people and the boxes were flying off the shelves. They were selling off their leftover stock at half price! So I popped over the road, and bought myself a little sushi box and ate it at the terrace. You definitely wouldn't see that in Dublin - I think that restaurants would rather throw away the food than selling it at half price! And did I tell you my favourite thing about take-away sushi boxes: it's the soy sauce bottle - it's a tiny little plastic fish with a red top. I don't even like soy sauce, but I love the design of the bottles! I found a website that sells them empty and you can fill them yourself with soy sauce (they also sell a lot of other whacky stuff)!

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