Friday, March 07, 2008

Monday 11 November, after 9 pm, Arrowtown

“Woman attacked in town garden”

This was the main headline on the newspaper board in Arrowtown today. And if you’ve been to Arrowtown, you’ll understand the horror! Arrowtown is a picturesque, quiet little town in Central Otago, about 20 minutes from the buzz of Queenstown. It’s full of historic buildings, but it looks a bit like a Disney set for the quaintest American town you can imagine. A Gilmore Girls kind of town. I’m sure they bring the pumpkins out at Halloween! And I’m sure it’s won tidy towns competitions year after year for the last 20 years at least. Dogs are not allowed in the centre of town, though, strangely enough, cars are. Hopefully they’ll change that soon! It’s full of little antiquey types of shops and restaurants. All in a wonderful setting, surrounded by majestic mountains.

Nice for a day, but I don't think I could live here (some lovely houses just outside the town, though - but pricey enough!). I expect it's run by a fierce town committee that regulates your life, a bit like in Hot Fuzz. Non-conformists beware! (We did see two teenagers with major body piercing around the lips - I'd say they were quite headstrong!)

Excellent facilities at the campsite - the best showers of the whole trip (they are pay-showers - $1)

I nearly forgot to mention a great Indian restaurant, Mantra. Nice setting, with a blend of modern and traditional, and really nice food. Brendan rated the Prawn Balchoa very high (only low point was the small number of prawns – only about 8). Very good service, if a bit too enthusiastic for our taste. If you’re in Arrowtown and you like Indian food, make sure to try it out.

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