Saturday, April 28, 2007

Busy Busy, Run Run

It's been a hectic week, and I haven't had a minute to blog or paint. We still make time for a healthy life, though - we did go to the gym twice, I went to yoga on Tuesday, and we went for walks in the evenings.

Today, we didn't work, but we did our civic duty - taking part in the annual green cleanup. We started early (we were beaten to it by David, one of the residents who is more civic-minded than any of us), and we helped clear the path. After a slow start, quite a few people joined in and the paths have all been cleared nicely. After about an hour and a half's work, we felt we had done enough, and left to do our shopping (the fridge was quite sad this morning- I didn't even have milk for my cereal, but put together a lovely bowl of banana, organic yogurt, crushed pecans, sunflower seeds, raisins and maple syrup! - Who said I can't cook?).

After that, we decided to sit out in the back garden for a bit, although the easterly breeze was still cool. We've had a lot of sunshine this April (only about a half a day of rain in the whole month), but the cold wind on the East coast has kept our temperatures down. That said, we discovered that if we sit just by the east wall of our garden (an area which we cleared of old overgrown bushes recently), it's perfectly sheltered. So we sat out for a couple of hours, and soaked up the sun. My nose is definitely red. I put on factor 20 around 4:30, but it was too late at that stage.

I'm sore all over after the green cleanup - I haven't done any gardening this year yet - the pots at the front are absolutely awful - half dead geraniums don't look pretty. I'll have to get going next weekend and plant a few flowers. The May bank holiday weekend is generally the weekend I do all my gardening for the year. I don't feel like doing much this year, but a few fresh geraniums, fuschias and lobelias will help brighten things up.

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